New to Firearms? Start Here


Times are changing. You only have to watch the news for five minutes to see story after story of crime and violence permeating our homes and neighborhoods. You may be feeling overwhelmed and perhaps scared about what to do. It’s natural. You may even have spent a significant part of your life being anti-gun. The problem is that the “outside world” is becoming ever more violent, and the bad guys are arming themselves, illegally or otherwise.

Preparedness is key, and as great as they may seem in theory, the baseball bat and can of pepper spray simply will not adequately protect you and your loved ones from someone who wishes to do you harm.

It’s time for you to level the playing field.

Where Do I Start?

Even before you purchase a handgun – or any kind of firearm for that matter – the best place to start is with training.  Learning the parts of a gun, how guns function, proper safety procedures, and getting to actually fire a pistol or other type of gun is an invaluable way to clear up any misconceptions you might have about firearms as a source of personal protection.

Beacon Brass offers several training courses, designed to teach you everything you need to know as a beginner.