Support Starbucks!


I just received the latest blog from Massad Ayoob (Backwoods Home Magazine). It seems that the anti-gun folks are at it again, trying to bully Starbucks into banning legally armed citizens from their stores country wide. Starbucks is standing their ground by saying that they will abide by the state law where their stores are located.

Good on ya Starbucks!

Now the anti’s are planning a boycott of Starbucks on Feb 14th — Valentine’s Day. We in the pro-gun crowd need to do something about this. The suggestion from Mas’ friend Mike Crenshaw of is to send Starbucks an email; something akin to the following:

“I’ve just heard that there’s a planned boycott on Feb. 14 by anti-Second Amendment groups attempting to punish Starbucks for their decision to follow state and local law instead of changing company policy on law abiding customers carrying firearms legally. While I’m an occasional customer I’ll make a point of doing my share to offset any business Starbucks may lose due to this proposed boycott. I’ll see to it that my family and I are in Starbucks at least once on Feb. 14. Thank you for not caving in to the radical beliefs of a small vocal group of marginalized extremists.”

I know we plan on visiting Starbucks at least once, if not twice, on Valentine’s Day, all 9 of us! I hope Starbucks has their best holiday ever.

Let’s get with this people, a little solidarity is what is needed.