Taking Aim at Florida’s Gun Permits


Before I give you my thoughts, it’s probably best if you get some back story. You can check it out with this link.

Alright, let’s have a look at what is going on here: Bryan Lentz, who works for Philadelphia’s Gun Violence Task Force(?), is complaining that it is too easy to get a Florida CCW.  Now, withstanding what the Second Amendment says, it’s Florida’s CCW law, not Philadelphia’s. It’s Pennsylvania’s STATE law that has reciprocity with Florida, not Philadelphia.  He is complaining about a non-existent “Florida Loophole.”  It’s just like the non-existent “Gun Show Loophole.”

It is not a loop hole it’s the law.

He says, “Local control is out the window if you can just mail to Florida and get a permit sent to you even if you’ve never been to that state.”

And I say, that is why it is called non-resident.

He also states, “That’s because in Philadelphia, like some other places around the country, character counts. We have a character provision here and so local law enforcement is going to look at you and you might not have any convictions but they know you are involved in the drug trade, or you associate with violent people and they are going to say we don’t want you to have a permit.

What he is really saying is that if they don’t like your looks, or who your brother-in-law might be, or you are not connected well enough, then you don’t get a permit.  No arrests, no convictions, a law abiding citizen, and you still won’t get a permit because they — not a judge — have decided that you have bad character.

I now understand why he is a former Pennsylvania state representative; with bias views like that I wouldn’t want him in office, either! When will these people learn that anyone who has a Florida CCW (whether it is resident or non-resident) has gone through background checks with local law-enforcement, had their fingerprints checked with the FBI, had their mental records checked and passed a firearms safety course? Adam Putnam, Florida’s Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services (the department that handles the CCW program), said it best: “If he doesn’t like it, he can take it up with the Pennsylvania Legislature. Other than that, they are just whining.

Like so many of the anti-gun people out there, they disregard the facts and let their emotions talk. I would also like to suggest that the original article be renamed to Philadelphia Takes aim at Florida’s Gun Permits. Although the author would like you to believe that there are several states that are dissatisfied with Florida’s non-resident permit system, it is in fact one person, not even the City of Philadelphia. One person who works for or with, the Philadelphia Gun Violence Task Force.