Utah Non-Resident Concealed Carry CFP (CCW) Course

Utah has concealed carry recognition/reciprocity with 34 states. The course includes everything needed to obtain your Utah CFP (CCW). Fingerprints, photographs, certificate, even a pre-addressed envelope to mail off your application! More »

Hammers & Nails

Our ladies only class (LOC) training is conducted by a professional Certified Firearms instructor in a relaxed one- on-one environment, with no other students so that you can learn at your own pace. More »

Reloadable Brass For Sale

We offer reloadable brass in several different calibers. Whether you are looking for .380, .300 Winchester Magnum, or something in between, we can supply clean, polished, and inspected spent brass. More »

Private Lessons

Private instruction is an excellent way to get the specific training you need and want to improve your firearms skills. More »


.223 vs. 5.56 (The Evil Black Rifle)

I am asked on a daily basis about the difference between .223 & 5.56 EBR’s (Evil Black Rifles). The questions run the gambit from, “Is it safe to shoot 5.56 ammo out of my .223 AR?” to, “ What is a .223/5.56 barrel?” It’s hard to wade through the opinions and hyperbole to get a

Time to Wake Up, New Jersey!

It seems the federal court in Maryland has said that a person’s 2nd Amendment Right extends past their front door, and that citizens may not be required to offer a "good and substantial reason" for obtaining a Concealed Carry permit!

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

One of the coolest things when starting out with firearms — c'mon now, admit it — is watching someone empty an entire magazine down range in under four seconds and producing a very small target grouping. Some of you may think that the person has a natural talent, or that they were "born with a special gift" for shooting. How can they possibly keep control of that 1911 and still put so many bullets into what seems like the same hole in the target?

Sign the Petition – NJ Right to Carry

Please join with me and several thousand (3,382 at last count) other 2nd Amendment advocates in signing this petition to support the right to Conceal Carry in New Jersey. As Thomas Jefferson wrote, “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms.” Now is the time for the 1,000,000 strong — that’s you, NJ

Taking Aim at Florida’s Gun Permits

Before I give you my thoughts, it’s probably best if you get some back story. You can check it out with this link. Alright, let’s have a look at what is going on here: Bryan Lentz, who works for Philadelphia’s Gun Violence Task Force(?), is complaining that it is too easy to get a Florida

The Tale of Two Bills (Not Clinton or Hickok)

Yesterday in Trenton we witnessed several things happen: One was that the firearms owners of New Jersey had a definite affect on the final outcome of both of these bills (A588 and A1013).

Sight Picture Fundamentals

As with all things you want to gain proficiency in, it all comes down to how good you are at the fundamentals. The fundamentals are always the most important; skip over the basics and you're sure to never become quite as good as you would like to be. But if you take the time to practice and master these essentials, you are sure to excel where most will not.

Support Starbucks!

I just received the latest blog from Massad Ayoob (Backwoods Home Magazine). It seems that the anti-gun folks are at it again, trying to bully Starbucks into banning legally armed citizens from their stores country wide. Starbucks is standing their ground by saying that they will abide by the state law where their stores are located.

NJ Considers Ammo Ban

Two pieces of legislation are coming up for vote on Monday in New Jersey that open the door to severely curtail our rights as New Jersey gun owners. The voting is on Monday, so please act quickly!

New to Firearms? Start Here

Times are changing. You only have to watch the news for five minutes to see story after story of crime and violence permeating our homes and neighborhoods. You may be feeling overwhelmed and perhaps scared about what to do. It’s natural. You may even have spent a significant part of your life being anti-gun. The