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.223 vs. 5.56 (The Evil Black Rifle)

I am asked on a daily basis about the difference between .223 & 5.56 EBR’s (Evil Black Rifles). The questions run the gambit from, “Is it safe to shoot 5.56 ammo out of my .223 AR?” to, “ What is a .223/5.56 barrel?” It’s hard to wade through the opinions and hyperbole to get a

Support Starbucks!

I just received the latest blog from Massad Ayoob (Backwoods Home Magazine). It seems that the anti-gun folks are at it again, trying to bully Starbucks into banning legally armed citizens from their stores country wide. Starbucks is standing their ground by saying that they will abide by the state law where their stores are located.

New to Firearms? Start Here

Times are changing. You only have to watch the news for five minutes to see story after story of crime and violence permeating our homes and neighborhoods. You may be feeling overwhelmed and perhaps scared about what to do. It’s natural. You may even have spent a significant part of your life being anti-gun. The

Welcome to Our New Website!

Yes, a face-lift to the site has been needed for a long time, and with the New Year comes a new design. I hope you find our new website easier to navigate and locate more quickly the information you are looking for. I am also very excited to be including some new features and functionality that our