Hammers & Nails


Our ladies only class (LOC) training is conducted by a professional Certified Firearms instructor in a relaxed one- on-one environment, with no other students so that you can learn at your own pace.  However if family or groups prefer to take the training together, we can provide that as well.  Our goal, as your instructor, is to make sure you leave feeling comfortable handling a firearm independently.  Our fee is hourly and most students learn the material within 2 hours however, the benefit of having your very own private instructor is that you control the pace based on your needs!  If you feel confident in one area of instruction and would like to move on to the next, just let your instructor know or you can just sign up for our standard block of instruction.Our courses are use PowerPoint presentations, student handouts and real demonstrations . Evening and weekend classes are available. Just give us a call and complete a training application, we will contact you to discuss your training options.

The cost for this course is $45 per hour per person. Usually, two hours of instruction are required.

We offer a 20% discount to family members taking the Hammers & Nails course together.

Contact Beacon Brass to register for the next Hammers & Nails course.