Here are some testimonials from our reloadable brass customers. For more information, please see the Products page.

“It means a lot to a buyer to get brass that clean. Keep it up. Your brass is noticably better. You should “toot your own horn” and promote how much cleaner your brass is. There is deffinatly a difference”
Jim in Arizona  07/02/2010

Thanks Gary! You have the best brass around!
Bob in Ohio 06/27/10

There are only a few real good brass suppliers on GB, Beacon Brass is one of the best.
Tim in Quincy

Beautiful brass! Will buy again!!!!!!! Thanks, Gary.
Bob in Ohio 06/27/10

Great sale, brass was perfect!
Marcus in Fort Worth 06/23/10

Great product, great service. I’m going to buy a lot of brass of these folks!
Terry in Huntington 06/21/10

And here are some testimonials from shooting students:

“Thanks so much for taking the time to teach my husband and his friends a little bit about shooting on March 24th. They had a great time and really enjoyed themselves. They said you were great to work with and found the whole experience truly memorable.”

“Gary, thank you for the lessons! My shooting has improved 100% in such a short period of time. Your teaching method is simple and easy to implement, and I’m shocked at how much better I’ve gotten already.”