Utah Non-Resident CFP (CCW)

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We also have a Utah Certified Non-Resident CFP (CCW) Instructor. At the present time Utah has recognition/reciprocity with 30 states. (Surprise, Surprise. New Jersey is NOT one of them.) The course includes everything needed to obtain your Utah CFP (CCW). Fingerprints, photographs, certificate, even a pre-addressed envelope to mail off your application! The Utah CFP (CCW) can either be taught at Bob’s Little Sport Shop in Glassboro, New Jersey, your facility, or your home if mobility is a problem or privacy is a requirement. This is a non-firing course.

I know it is tough teaching someone who is very familiar with the subject, however I picked up some great tips and learned some things I didn’t know.  You’re a great instructor and the class was most enjoyable.  Thanks again!
—Vince M.

The cost for this course is $149 Instructor fee per person, and an additional $51 permit fee submitted to Utah.

Contact Beacon Brass for more information about the Utah Non-Resident CFP (CCW) Course.